Happy New Year! Welcome to 2018


What is it about turning the calendar over that gets us thinking about things like changegoals, & the future

I am a big fan of goal-setting and thinking big-picture about life and purpose - took me years to get this far and I’m STILL getting the hang of it. Fortunately, much of my job orbits the twin ideas of strategy an execution, so I can practice. 

While 2017 was a great year for accomplishment, like most people, I have a list of unfinished worked. Missed marks. Started-but-not-completed projects. You too?

This year, I’ve decided to shift my focus slightly. I will still hammer out goals and related milestones, but more importantly, I want to be clear about the trajectory of where I am going. I think that half of the unfinished things in my life were never really that important to me anyway.

Two words seem to continually resurface in my thinking: intent and initiate.

To gain clarity, what am I intending to actually do? It is easy to either [a] become overwhelmed by the details and avoid the project or [b] get lost in the details and miss the point to it! 

I was going to start a home-improvement project the other day. I went into my garage to grab a tool. But the workbench was a mess and in my search, I knocked other tools on the floor.

As I was picking up, it occurred to me that I might as well straighten up the workbench while I was there. An hour later, the workbench still wasn’t clean, the project that prompted the garage trip hadn’t been started, and I couldn’t remember what tool I went to get in the first place!

Simply put, I had lost my intention.

Or maybe this happens to you: you have something that needs to be completed, but if you’re completely honest with yourself, the thought of doing it drains the soul out of you. Been there?

In cases like that, I have to trick myself into starting. Maybe its making it a game. Or it might be to just do it for 5 minutes. Anything to initiate the work. Momentum often follows getting started and I can find a flow.

It seems to me that in virtually everything (business, politics, finance, religion), clarity is crucial to any kind of success… and yet, it is in such short supply. My encouragement to all of us - especially those endeavoring to follow Jesus - is to find your intent and initiate some action forward. I believe that God will meet you in those first few steps and guide you the rest of the way.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to choose a Theme for the Year as a way too get started. You can listen to the message here and find the handout here.

Grace + Peace on your 2018