A new church has taken root in Tulsa, OK. Thrive Church desires to bring Good News to South Tulsa (and beyond). Now meeting at Cedar Ridge Elementary in Tulsa, OK.  

Thanks for checking out Thrive Church. Jesus built His church around tables and conversations, and that seems like a good idea to us. Frankly, we're kind of tired of "going" to church. The fact is, people ARE the church. As we've thought about it, church is what happens Monday - Saturday.

What would it be like if God was active in our daily lives? What would it look like if the church was more about the relationships we have with one another than programs or facilities? What would lives be like if we focused our attention on learning to follow Jesus - with others - every day? If that kind of church sound interesting to you, please get in touch. We'd love to sit and talk about it with you.  



We exist to join God in rescuing the world, one disciple at a time.


We will do everything possible to connect people to God and to each other through Jesus so that they can thrive. 


We thrive when we… worship passionately, grow intentionally, and serve openly.