40 Days of Prayer - Week 4


Opportunity to Share

Sunday, September 11: Today, thank God for the person or organization that shared Jesus with you. Those people who have contributed to your faith and growth, ask God to bless them. Pray for the opportunity to be that for someone else!

Monday, September 12: Sharing Jesus or our faith journey with an entire city is an enormous task & one that few people are called to do. So today, pray that as Thrive Church shares faith with others, it would have a ripple effect throughout the city.

Tuesday, September 13: Pray for an opportunity to share something about your faith journey with your neighbors. It doesn't have to be a full-out evangelism invitation... In fact, it could simply be sharing with them what you do with or through Thrive Church! If God is a natural part of your life, it is easy to mention why you do some of what you do! All you're praying for is the opportunity to share something. Trust God to supply you with content of the message. 

Wednesday, September 14: Like yesterday, pray for an opportunity to share why you do what you do with someone in your workplace. Again, it could be as simple as mentioning something you're doing at or through Thrive Church. If your workplace is the home, then connect the dots for your kids. Pray that you could help them understand how the things we do as a Church comes from our belief in Jesus and our desire to follow him. If your family are already Followers of Jesus, talking about it is encouraging!

Thursday, September 15: As you've been praying for opportunities to care for your 3, now ask God for an opportunity to share your faith journey with them. Ask God to give you the creativity to help them understand why you do what you do! Perhaps you will mention a Serve project at Thrive. Or the ministry team you work with on Sundays. Or something that your Life Group is talking about. It doesn't have to be long and involved. You're asking God for a natural connecting point.

Friday, September 16: Pray that Thrive Church would collectively be able to share the Love & Hope that Jesus offers clearly. Pray that it would be attractive and that the Holy Spirit would have room to do his work among us, wherever we gather. Pray that we would have an opportunity to be a vital part of the local community - that we would be missed if we moved away!

Saturday, September 17: Pray that God would give your family an opportunity to somehow share faith with someone you know. Leave it up to God how you will accomplish that, but ask God for the sensitivity & courage to speak it.