It’s Not Good for Us to Be Alone

It’s not good for us to be alone!

As we sat around the table sharing from the depths of the heart, I inwardly was saying “Thank you Jesus.” Sitting there around that table with people who had blessed me beyond what I could imagine, I thought of what I hoped, cried, and prayed for many years ago.  In that season of longing I was single, dreaming of life ahead and desperately longed to have a community of like hearted friends who would simply share life. I remembered conjuring up activities to do only to be left by myself doing them, for everyone else who had kids, spouses and family engagements and were simply too busy to commit time, it was a lonely season.  I longed for someone, anyone to share the dullness of life with, to share the excitement over the injustices, joys and frustrations of the day. But then years later I found myself in a little Mayberry-esq town shrouded by a host of academians where I found raw authenticity which made nights like the one mentioned, a night that gave life to the soul. As I look back on that moment it reminds me that wherever the journey leads there must be a place to share life with others, for in sharing life, one truly finds life.

But the truth of living in this raw authenticity is that it is not all roses and chocolates, there is tough stuff in sharing life, like anger and pain, and until we endure that together and converse about it there is no forgiveness, grace, and mercy, no depth and longevity to life. I am reminded of God’s design for humanity in creation. After the creation of Adam, he spoke “It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him.” (Genesis 2:18) This is the point in creation when Eve came into the picture. Though we often refer to this scripture when we talk of intimate relationships between men and women it is so true of the need for humanity to have others around. For it is not good for us to be alone or to live life in isolation.  We NEED each other. It is a lie from the enemy that says it’s easier on our own.  Living in community does take a lot of work, trust and even pain, but it is so worth it in comparison to what life living solo looks like. To be known is not feeling as though you must live behind a mask of civilities and acquaintances. To be known is living in to that person who the Creator created you to be, and living alongside those others who we need in our lives. As you and I walk this journey called life with Jesus, you and I choose to place ourselves at Jesus feet to learn from him and about him and how to allow our selfish being to become more like our savior, and live into who our Creator made us to be through the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus came to earth and as he lived among humanity he surrounded himself with men and women. They were his disciples but he also broke bread with them and experienced his ministry with them. He served them. But he also taught and lived to exemplify hard truths, those that were counter to culture and counter to what the inner self of humanity often say.

We as people of Jesus who live in a world broken by isolation, are told that we are better on our own and to “pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps.” But the truth is that we each have a choice to live a fuller life in community, to live in a space to be truly known. At Thrive we have the awesome space to share together in life groups and create that space to grow together through the ups and downs. But it is not easy and it’s not always comfortable. Where are those hard, but joy and life giving communities you can live into? What conversation do you need to initiate to go deeper with those around you?