Unfailing Grace

One of my favorite stories as a little girl was “Are You My Mother?” by PD Eastman, a protégé of Dr Seuss. In the story, a mother bird was patiently waiting for her egg to hatch. When she finally felt movement she rushed off to get food for her baby. When the egg hatches the baby bird is all alone. Instead of waiting for his mother to return he decides he must find her. Without hesitation, he drops out of the tree and goes on a mission to find her. He asks a kitten, a cow, a hen, you get the picture. He finally comes across an excavator, which he calls a Snort. Anyhow, clearly the Snort is not his mother so it frightens him. Despite his fear the Snort lifts him up and puts him back in the tree where his mother meets him with a worm. I was always amused by how the bird didn’t know who his mother was. It was obvious that his mother was not the kitten, or cow, or hen. I would just giggle at every animal or object that he would ask, “Are you my mother?”. Looking back on this story and reading it as an adult I see many similarities to how we approach our relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Our Father is always with us, He is always providing even when we cannot see it. However, sometimes instead of being patient and letting God do His work we explore other things in His place; asking the question are you my Father? We may find ourselves in a place where we are lost, much like this little bird. We may find ourselves looking to other people or things to fulfill the role of our Father, but indeed they fall short. Thanks to God’s unfailing grace no matter how far we stray, or how lost we get there will always be a ‘Snort’ that will bring us back to the Father who will always be waiting for us.

For 64 years Dr. Seuss has been on the shelves in most homes, whether it is books of his own writing or his proteges. Not only are the stories carefree and entertaining they also bring light to humanity and to the world around us. Better yet, they can also be used as a tool to relate the gospel and biblical wisdom in an imaginative and relevant way much like “Are You My Mother?”. Starting Wednesday July 19th, we will be exploring 5 Dr. Seuss books, and pairing them with scripture. Each lesson will contain fun activities, an interactive snack time, reading of a Dr. Seuss book and some quality time with God. Children in 1st–5th grade are invited to come join us. We are looking forward to seeing God move in the lives of our young ones.

Summer is here, oh dear oh dear

But, tired parents have no fear

ThriveKids is hosting a midweek lesson

That’s sure to be fun and such a blessing

We will explore the Bible with Dr. Seuss

Sharing Jesus, His love and good news.

We’ll have games, crafts, even a snack

So get them there, they’ll want to come back