Come, Creator Spirit: Part 1

        Ranerio Cantalamessa is a Christian author, who wrote a very profound book called, Come, Creator Spirit. He is a master illustrator, painting beautiful pictures of the relationship between the Christian believer and the third person of the Trinity. I read this book in seminary and it changed the way I view and interact with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is probably the most neglected person within the Trinity, possibly because He's the most mysterious of the three. Also, possibly, because we confuse or focus so much on the work of the Holy Spirit rather than the Person of the Holy Spirit. There is so much that one could mediate on within this book, but in this first part we are going to focus on two things.

        First, the Holy Spirit is the source of life and if we want that life we need to immerse ourselves in the Holy Spirit, daily. When you want to learn another language you immerse yourself in that culture. The same goes with the Holy Spirit, if you want to know the language of the Holy Spirit, you fully immerse yourself in Him (pg. 3). And by language I'm not talking about speaking in tongues, I'm simply referring to familiarizing yourself with the person of the Holy Spirit, which can only be accomplished in a daily relationship. We have an amazing opportunity to experience the Holy Spirit everyday. This is such a fundamental part of our walk with God. You've heard it said, "You are who you hang out with", you are what you fully immerse yourself with and in this case, if you want to be more like Jesus, you absolutely need a daily, full immersion, by the Holy Spirit. As human beings we are like dry sponges longing, in need of living water, but something interesting happens when you lift the sponge out of water, it leaks. We leak! We need to be fully immersed in that living water every moment of our lives, if not we dry up. I'm reminded of the passage in Ezekiel 37 where he calls to dry bones to come alive. It’s only in the Holy Spirit that we find what we are looking for, where we have rest and satisfaction. The Holy Spirit is the one and only true strength and real power that keep [us] alive (pg. 12)!

        Second, don't go against the wind! The Holy Spirit is referred throughout the Old Testament, as the wind or Ruach in Hebrew. When we stand against the powerful Ruach we are like trees bending and swaying eventually breaking. We need to be docile, obedient, sensitive, and alert to the Spirit as the young green leaves are to the wind (pg. 18). Cantalamessa talks about his observation of the sea gulls flying in the wind and how they use the wind to their advantage. The sea gulls manage to stay in the air longer because they let the wind carry them. This really spoke to me because I tend to be stubborn at times and, well, I like to make things harder for myself a lot of times as opposed to just letting the Holy Spirit do as He wills in my life. I challenge you to invite the Holy Spirit in your life. The Holy Spirit is a person and longs to have a relationship with you. Let Him do the work in your life that only He can do. Let him fill your life with the fruits of the spirit, making you more like Jesus. Relinquishing power is hard and painful, but a necessity if we are to live life abundantly. Cantalamessa writes, "What effort it takes to walk or to row against the wind! What joy to do the same thing with the wind in your favor! Try to go about doing what you do without the Holy Spirit: how heavy that is! Work with the Spirit; how very much lighter everything becomes!" (pg. 19)