40 Days of Prayer - Week 3

An Opportunity to Care

Sunday, September 4: Thank God for the way he has cared for you. Remember. Think of a time when it was clearly God's hand that cared for you or someone you love. Ask him to help you see where he continues to care for you and others. Thank him - in advance - for how he will care for you in the future.

Monday, September 5: Ask God for an opportunity to care for the city in some way. Since we are praying for the city's welfare, ask God how you might participate in the care of the place where you live.

Tuesday, September 6: Perhaps caring for the city (yesterday) might start on your street! Ask God to give you eyes to see needs and an opportunity to care for one of your neighbors. Pray that it would be successful - that it would truly meet the need of that neighbor! Ask God to bring to mind others who might help meet that need too (we are better together!).

Wednesday, September 7: Over the first 2 weeks, we prayed for insight into you r workplace. Now ask God to help you do something with the new-found understanding. Ask God for an opportunity to act and care for one of your co-workers. If your home is your workplace, this would be a great opportunity to invite a neighbor or friend to your home for conversation & community. Remember, we are praying for an opportunity to care for another person.

Thursday, September 8: Pray that God would give you an opportunity to serve and care for one of the people on your prayer list. Pray for something that would truly be for their benefit, meeting a need. Be creative and be discrete! Ask God to empower you to see where you can make an impact and do something!

Friday, September 9: Thrive Church engages in Serve projects regularly. Pray that God would give us an opportunity to care for the immediate vicinity around Moore Elementary School. We are now "neighbors" to that community and we'd like to make a difference in the lives of the people who live there. Because we do not go to church (we each are the church), Thrive Church exists in each of your neighborhoods! Pray that God would give us opportunities to collectively care for the neighborhoods where our people live too!

Saturday, September 10: Think about your family. If there is something that your family needs that maybe you have put off for one reason or another. Pray for the opportunity to take care of that for them. Don't let it simply be another "to do" item on your list. Consciously love your family today in a way that maybe you haven't in a while.