40 Days of Prayer - Week 5

Opportunity to Invite

Sunday, September 18: Today, thank God in advance for what he is going to do through Thrive Church - through you! Thank him for inviting you into the adventure of being a disciple and making disciples.

Monday, September 19: Over the last 4 weeks, we've been praying for our city. Perhaps you've found yourself praying for a certain part of the city - where you live or work, or a place you pass by everyday. Ask God how you might be salt and light in that area. 

Tuesday, September 20: What have you been noticing in your neighborhood lately? Has a certain person, family, house, or street been on your mind? Ask God how you might be his hands and feet. Pray that God would give you the opportunity and courage to connect with someone on your street in a new way.

Wednesday, September 21: Pray that you would have the opportunity to invite a co-worker to church, or life group, or serve project. Ask God for favor with your colleagues and neighbors!

Thursday, September 22: If you've had the privilege of praying for 3 people. Pray that God would give you favor with them. Pray for courage and the opportunity to invite them to Thrive Church. 

Friday, September 23: We are a about a week away from launching weekly services at Thrive Church. Pray that Thrive would find favor with everyone who visits! Ask God to add to our numbers and allow us to see fruit from our work over the last few months. Pray that Thrive church would truly be a place of hope, healing, forgiveness, belonging, & purpose!

Saturday, September 24: As Thrive enters anew season, pray for your family's involvement. Ask God to give you wisdom and enthusiasm for the project and the people who become part of the new church.