40 Days of Prayer - Week 2

This week's focus is Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Sunday, August 28: Spend some time thanking God for the health and safety you have enjoyed. Remember his goodness in spite of difficulty and challenges. If you are aware of God healing someone you know, thank him for that too!

Monday, August 29: Ask God to protect our First Responders - police, fire, EMS. If you hear a siren, let it prompt you to pray for men & women in those professions. Also pray that corruption would have no place in our local or state governments. Pray for peace over your city. Pray for it's welfare and prosperity.

Tuesday, August 30: Ask God to watch over your neighborhood - that it wouldn't be effected by tragedy or violence. Ask God to show you how you can promote peace. For the people who live around you, pray for their physical & mental health. If you are aware of illness, ask God for healing! Spend a few minutes to especially pray for the safety of the children on your block.

Wednesday, August 31: Ask God to watch over your co-workers. As you talk with them & become aware of health issues, be bold and pray for them on the spot! Pray that they would be safe on the job. If your work is in and around the house, then ask God to protect and bring health to visitors. Pray that peace would fall on anyone who crosses your threshold.

Thursday, September 1: Pray simply that the 3 people on your list would be healthy and safe in their daily lives. Pray that they would have insight to make wise decisions. As much as you are aware, pray for healing and protection over them.

Friday, September 2: Pray for the health and safety of the Thrive Church family. Pray also that as a community, we would be deeply involved with the care and protection of each other. Continue to pray that this care and concern would be a witness to others - that others would know we follow Jesus because of our care for one another (John 13v34-45).

Saturday, September 3: Pray for the health and safety of your family. Think about the upcoming cold & flu season & ask God to protect each of you in your house. Ask God to keep you from harm, danger, illness, & disease. Pray that both bodies and minds would be strong.