40 Days of Prayer - Week 1

Monday, August 22: Pray over the city in which you live - Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Bixby. What is happening around town? What makes you nervous or excited? Ask God to give you a heart for the people that live in the same town. Ask God to show you what he hopes for them?

Tuesday, August 23: Think about the people in your neighborhood. Do you know them all by name? Do you know more than the names of their pets, or the cars they drive? Ask God to give you a heart for them... even the ones you may not particularly like. What could it be like if you and your neighbors really cared about each other?

Wednesday, August 24: What's happening in your work environment? What is going in the lives of the people with whom you spend a big part of your day? Pray that God would open your eyes to the things that are beneath the surface. If you do not work outside the home, or are retired, think about your friends. Chances are that you know something about them. Ask God to bring someone to mind and prompt you to pray for them today.

Thursday, August 25: Pick 3 people you will intentionally pray about inviting them to Thrive Church. They may be people who need Jesus. They may be people who walked away from church at one point in life. Maybe they are church-goers who have stalled or would like a new adventure in faith. Ask God to give you 3 names. Write them down! Pray for them throughout the week.

Friday, August 26: Pray that Thrive Church would make a positive, Kingdom impact on every person with whom we come in contact. Pray for hearts of authenticity, acceptance, and love - where we make room for others in our collective and individual lives. Pray that Thrive would be a place of hope, healing, forgiveness, purpose, and belonging.

Saturday, August 27:  Pray for your family today - spouse, kids, extended family. What do they each need from God? Ask God to give you special insight into how you can best pray for them.